Hey everyone as of tomorrow the BACK TO SCHOOL SPECIAL, is officially over.

A life Changing Experience our contribution to Breast Cancer Awareness
This was a letter given to the Showtime Tattoo by a Close dear friend and Patron.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Christine I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in March 2013. When I first heard of the news, I was with my mother and it was absolutely devastating. I was 38 years old going through a divorce, and just bought my first home. I had to go to a surgeon to get a biopsy done, and to an oncologist which was frightening. having him tell me that I had to go through 5 months of aggressive chemotherapy was terrifying 
After having my port put in, I knew that Chemo was next. I have to say that I got lucky when it came time to get the Chemo I didn't get sick, But I suffered from extreme fatigue. My other treatment was getting an injection the day after my Chemo sessions. The injection was to reproduce white blood cells in my bone marrow . The injection was extremely painful , it cause bone pain. It hurt to move for about 3 days after the shot 
However, I did get through everything with a positive attitude. I did lose all of my hair and as they say "BALD IS BEAUTIFUL" so I embraced it. 
After my Chemo I had to get surgery it was a double mastectomy with a tummy tuck. I was in surgery for 13 hours.  The surgeon was very surprised that I was able to breathe on my own after my surgery, Because most patients that are under for that amount of time usually come out of surgery on life support. 
After my surgery, I had four drainage tubes put in. I had one tube on the side of each breast and 2 in my pelvic area my recovery took 6 months. I went to my favorite tattoo Artist, Joe from Showtime he did the HONOR of Tattooing nipples onto my breasts. I've waited almost a year for them, and they are PERFECT. 
That is my story, I am proud of the journey I went through. Thank you to my dear friend Joe, and Showtime Tattoo for making me whole, and thank you for your support, and of course the perfect nipples. I can't show you or thank you enough on how much I appreciate it! You have made me the happiest I've ever been.

We are offering services for Tattooed nipple replacement to breast cancer sufferers.
You have already suffered through the worst part allow us to help get your beauty and self confidence back.

Hey everyone, due to the amount of people trying to get in before School starts; Showtime will be holding a BACK TO SCHOOL SPECIAL, $60 per hour.  If you have any questions, comments or concerns on the subject either e-mail the shop or artist, or call anytime Monday- Friday 11-9 Saturday 11-6 @ 610-264-7737

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